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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Story: Only Hope is Left

Here's my humble continuation of the Avatar story. Read and Enjoy.

The Skypeople have been defeated. Now life must go on. Toruk Makto must lead his people into a new home and a new life. Jake, Neytiri, and their friends try to live a semi-normal life, all the while preparing for the return of the Skypeople.

Chapter 1
Palulukan Makto

Chapter 2
The Beginning of the End

Chapter 3
Toruk Makto

Chapter 4
Half Life

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7
Homo Sapien

Chapter 8
Death, Rebirth, Renewal

Chapter 9
The Hunt

Chapter 10 
Becoming One of The People

Chapter 11 ( in progress.... )

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  1. Any chance of you putting this back up?