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Saturday, August 28, 2010

James Cameron on Re-Release, Sequel, BP Oil spill, and more...

With the re-release of Jame's Cameron's epic "Avatar" today, speculation, questions, and interviews are flying.  Here I have excerpts from two different interviews Jim gave to MTV and The Oregonian.

The fanbase that's built up around the film is massive, and it's understandable: director James Cameron crafted a fully fleshed out universe for his story to live in. There's so much depth that a companion book was released. And still fans want to know more. MTV's Eric Ditzian and Kara Warner did a deep-dive interview with Cameron and producer Jon Landau in an effort to answer some of those last lingering questions.

Hit the jump to learn whether people age during deep space travel, why the movie was set in 2154 and more!