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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Secondary Characters

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Family Members    Ateyo (father)

Tsu’tey te Rongloa Ateyitan was one of the Omaticaya Clan's finest warriors and archery experts. He was the clan leader for a short period of time from August 16-20, 2154, but fell during the final battle against the RDA.

Tsu'Tey was born in the Omaticaya Clan, as the son of Ateyo. While still young he was chosen to be Neytiri's mate and the next Olo'eyktan. He grew up to be the finest warrior and leader of the clan's hunters.

Tsu'Tey was to be mated with Neytiri, the Omaticaya's Clan princess, and they would then become the leaders of the clan. Jake Sully was captured by Tsu'Tey, and at Neytiri's insistance Jake was brought before Mo'at, the Omaticaya's Tsahik, who then decided that Jake would be taught the Na'vi ways. Tsu'Tey maintained hostility towards Jake from the moment they first met in the jungles of Pandora, and his anger only grew as he realized that Jake and Neytiri were falling in love. Upon finding out that Jake had mated with Neytiri he attempted to kill him. Jake managed to subdue him, and while trying to warn the Omaticaya of the impending attack by the RDA, Colonel Quarich disengaged Jake from his link chamber. Seeing his opportunity as Jake's lifeless Avatar fell to the ground, Tsu'Tey tried to kill Jake's Avatar, only to be stopped by Neytiri. When Jake was re-linked to his Avatar and he told the Omaticaya that he was originally a spy, Eytukan ordered Tsu'Tey to bind his hands. After the destruction of Hometree by the RDA and the death of Eytukan in the attack, Tsu'Tey became the clan leader.

After Jake was able to regain the trust of the Omaticaya by becoming the sixth Toruk Makto, Tsu'Tey agreed to fly with him in the final battle against the RDA. Tsu'Tey was killed when he boarded the Valkyrie shuttle in an attempt to halt its bombing run. Maiming and killing several SecForces troops with his bow and knife, he was shot at point-blank range and fell to his death.

In content cut from the theatrical release, Tsu'Tey does not immediately die. Instead, he falls to the jungle below, where Lyle Wainfleet finds him. Lyle holds Tsu'Tey from his queue, and cuts it off near the base; leaving Tsu'Tey screaming in agony. Tsu'Tey then passes on leadership of the clan to Jake and then asks Jake, "let Toruk Makto be my last shadow". Jake, being Toruk Makto, ends Tsu'Tey's suffering with great grief.  This scene, which was cut from the final release, may or may not appear in the Director's Cut, and unless it is included in said release, cannot be considered canon.

Trivia: Tsu'Tey's full name means "Eats the heart" and "Son of Ateyo"


We have tried to teach other Sky People... It is hard to fill a cup which is already full.

Mo'at is a main character in Avatar who is the Tsahik or Spiritual Leader of the Na'vi's Omaticaya Clan. According to Cameron's original script, her name means "Dream Catcher."  She is mated with Eytukan and has two children: Neytiri and Sylwanin. She attempts to keep peace between the independent Neytiri and her father, and while she does not initially approve of Jake and Neytiri's relationship (as shown by her line to Eytukan: "We cannot let this seed grow. Her path is with Tsu’tey."). Ultimately she creates the freedom for her daugher to be with her love interest. She is partially responsible for Jake's adoption into the Omaticaya Clan.

She is seen as a psychic or a 'bridge' to their beliefs. More specifically: Eywa

Tsahik are the spiritual leaders of Na'vi clans. Their name means "she who interprets the will of Eywa" They are typically female and mated with the leader. The Tsahiks of the Omaticaya and Tipani clans are Mo'at and Sänume, respectively.

Eytukan is the patriarch of the Omaticaya Clan, the husband of Mo'at and the father of Neytiri. Eytukan prevented Tsu'tey from killing Jake when Jake explained he was a warrior, and along with Mo'at was partially responsible for Jake's adoption into the Omaticaya Clan.

He was killed when a shard of wood from the Hometree impaled him in the torso, during the RDA assault.

Upon his death, Eytukan hands over his ceremonial bow to his daughter, Neytiri, thus giving her leadership responsibility of the Omaticaya Clan.

His great-grandfather was the fifth Toruk Makto, the sixth being Jake Sully.

Trivia:  In the original script Eytukan's name was Mato'a Te Kaha Nahgoitewa.

Dr. Grace Augustine is a xenobotanist in charge of the Avatar Program. She is a legend to the scientific personnel as the author of a comprehensive book of Pandora's plants. She helped Jake Sully on the Avatar program, until she died due to a gunshot wound inflicted by Quaritch.
Arriving on Pandora several years before Jake Sully, Dr Augustine was reluctant to accept him on her team due to his lack of training and qualifications for the program, but had no choice. When Sully was lost in the forest, she presumed his avatar dead but later found out that his avatar had been taken in by the Omaticaya Clan. Due to Jake's presence, in successive months relations with the clan improved and Augustine was allowed back into the village, until the Hometree was destroyed. Augustine, Sully, and Spellman escape Hell's Gate in an effort to help the Omaticaya, but not before Quaritch fatally wounds Grace with a well-placed shot. Jake brings her human form to Neytiri and Mo'at at the Tree of Souls, hoping they could transfer her consciousness into her avatar form, but she was rendered too weak by her wounds. Before she died at the foot of the Tree of Souls, she told Jake that she saw Eywa.

Grace arrived several years before the avatar team. She explored the plants of Pandora, and literally wrote the book on the unique botany she discovered, called The Na'vi. She was considered a living legend in the Terran scientific community. Grace also created a school to teach the Na'vi English and their culture until it was shut down. She continued to keep pictures of her students, one of them being Neytiri, on a cabinet in a camp stationed in the Hallelujah Mountains.

She appears to be very fond of and close to her Na'vi students, who seem to show the same feelings toward her; this is demonstrated when they take her unconscious Avatar body to the Tree of Souls with them after the destruction of Hometree. As a scientist, Grace Augustine's primary concern is with her work. She demonstrates her dedication to the study of Pandora and the Na'vi early and often; this dedication manifests itself as hostility towards Col. Quaritch and Parker Selfridge, who do not share her enthusiasm. As a result of this hostility, it is considered by many outside the Avatar program that Grace is little more than a lonely scientist, and that she loves plants more than humans. Possibly as an escape from her poor relationship with her colleagues, Grace is a smoker and a moderate drinker.She later shows her warmer side in her concern for Jake's well being. When in her avatar form, Grace seems more enthusiastic about her work and more cheerful and kind instead of irritable.

  • There are some foreshadowing lines on the film, for example:
    • Grace, looking at a display showing the Tree of Souls: "I would die to get samples there." - She does, in fact, die there.
    • Grace to Quaritch: "What are you going to do, Ranger Rick? Shoot me?" Quaritch: "I can do that." - Quaritch ends up mortally wounding her in the escape.
  • Grace's smoking and drinking have been one of the criticisms thrown at Avatar by some anti-smoking organizations, who say that she is setting a bad example for young children who might see the film.
  • Grace's avatar bears far more resemblance to her human form than other avatars. Her avatar form lacks a typical, flat na'vi nose and has facial structure and traits very similar to her human form.
  • In Cameron's original concept, Grace was named "Grace Shipley," while her role as head of the Avatar program was originally assumed by Dr. Brantley Giese, a character omitted from the final film. Also in the original scriptment, she survives the consciousness transfer to be reborn as a Na'vi. 

Dr. Max Patel is a civilian scientist. He appears to be in charge of overseeing the process of synchronising the minds of humans with their Avatar bodies as well as providing technical advice and support. Max is implied to have been on Pandora for a number of years by the time of Jake Sully and Norm Spellman's arrival, being a member of Dr. Grace Augustine's original staff.

Max meets Jake Sully and Norm Spellman the day they arrive to Pandora. He explains what an avatar is, and shows their respective avatars. He is in charge of transporting Jake's mind into his avatar for the first time. When Jake is in his avatar form, he asks Jake to be quiet, as he isn't used to his avatar body.
Max and Trudy Chacon helped the avatar team go free after they were arrested, but as they flee Jake tells Max to stay behind in order to provide them with intelligence, saying he needs someone on the inside he can trust.

In the script (cut from the film) Max destroys the OPS Center in the final battle, as he smashes the windows with a Slash Cutter, leaving Selfridge and some technicians on the ground, with pandoran air. After that, several avatars aim weapons down at them, they have the OPS Center. Selfridge lies down with an emergency Exopack, defeated.

After the battle, Max is one of the few humans chosen to stay on Pandora, after the RDA employees were banished.

 Norm Spellman is a main character in Avatar and a human anthropologist. He is portrayed by actor Joel David Moore. Norm was born and raised on Earth and trained as a scientist. Before his first assignment on Pandora, he claimed to have studied the Na'vi language for 5 years, and had logged 520 hours of simulation time in preparation for bonding with his Avatar. Norm, being a friend of the late Tom Sully, immediately introduced himself to Jake. Though they became close friends, he soon became somewhat envious of Jake, who after becoming lost in the forest was adopted by the Omaticaya clan of the Na'vi. Enjoying the contact this tutelage brought with the clan, Norm came to forgive him and acted as Jake's tutor (along with Dr. Grace and Neytiri) in the Na'vi culture.Norm watched the scene from the main link centre in Hell's Gate. When Selfridge ordered the cutting of Jake and Grace's psionic links he tried in vain to stop security from doing so, only to get himself, Jake and Grace imprisoned in the station brig, where they were rescued by Trudy Chacon and Max Patel. n the battle for Pandora, Norm fought alongside Jake and the Na'vi against the RDA. Whilst Jake led the air assault, Norm rode alongside the Na'vi cavalry. As the unarmored Na'vi were cut down by the RDA troops, his Avatar was shot in the chest and left shoulder. Back in his undamaged human body, suffering from shock but determined to help, he recovered enough to arm himself with a rifle and don an Exopack to rejoin the fray.

When the RDA was driven from Pandora, he was one of the few humans allowed to stay. He then chose to stay on Pandora after the movie's conclusion.

It is not known if Norm's Avatar body can still be used after he got shot (in his Avatar body). Unless the shots were fatal, it is possible that Norm can still use his Avatar body. Though when the RDA were leaving Pandora, Norm was shown in his human form wearing an Exopack which may suggest that his Avatar body is either deceased or being repaired. If Norm Spellman appears in the sequal to Avatar (which is most likely), then it will be confirmed if he can still use his Avatar body or not. 

  • In the script, Norm was romantically linked to Trudy Chacon, however the idea was scrapped.
  • Was originally named Norm Cheeseman 

"You're not the only one with a gun, bitch!

Trudy Chacon was a marine Secops pilot, whose primary task is flying sorties for science teams. She pilots a Samson, that she uses for transportation and for battle.  She was working for the RDA when she met Jake Sully just prior to transporting him, Norm Spellman and Dr. Grace Augustine on an expedition deep into Pandora's forest. She was forced to abandon the search for Jake when his Avatar was lost during his first mission, as Colonel Quaritch had deemed night operations too dangerous.
She also flew the trio to a temporary science station in the Hallelujah Mountains when Dr. Augustine wanted to continue her research away from Hell's Gate and military personnel.
When the RDA attacked the Hometree, Trudy refused to join in the assault and broke out of combat formation, returning to base just after the first salvo, stating, "I didn't sign up for this shit!" which effectively switched her side in the conflict. Interestingly, the movie shows no consequences for this action, as she is able to rescue Jake Sully, Norm Spellman and Dr. Grace Augustine from the cell they were being held in. She was assisted by Dr. Max Patel and airlifted their science installation away from the RDA's reach. They escape from Hell's Gate, and Trudy assists Jake and the Na'vi during their final stand against the RDA armada, which had mobilized once more to attack the Na'vi's temporary camp on their most sacred ground. Piloting her Samson, she engaged Colonel Quaritch's Dragon Gunship in order to distract him from his pursuit of Jake Sully astride his Toruk, but she was ultimately outgunned and killed.

  • Her confrontation with Quaritch is reminiscent of Chinese art portraying the Dragon vs Tiger; Quaritch flying a Dragon Gunship (he also has a dragon painted on the side of his ship) and Trudy having a Tiger painted on her Samson.
  • In the complete script of Avatar, Trudy and Norm were romantically involved. This relationship was cut out from the movie. 

Colonel Miles Quaritch is the main antagonist of the 2009 film, "Avatar" and the Chief of Security of Hell's Gate on Pandora. Having little respect for indigenous lifeforms, especially the Na'vi, he directed the destruction of the Omaticaya Hometree and lead the SecOps forces in an attempt to destroy the Tree of Souls. He was eventually killed by being impaled by Neytiri's arrows. 

Before his tour of duty on Pandora, Quaritch served in numerous military engagements without injury, most notably three tours in Nigeria with First Recon. On his first day on Pandora an encounter with the wildlife dealt him a trio of trademark scars to the side of his face. Given the option to return home for reconstructive surgery he opted to stay on Pandora. With his impressive record he was eventually chosen as the chief of security of Hell's Gate.

Quaritch looks and acts like a life long military man. He wears his hair short and is covered with battle scars, most notably a trio of claw marks on the side of his head, likely caused by a Viperwolf. He only respects force, and accordingly shows little respect for the Na'vi despite acknowledging their bravery.
His long-running military career is representative of his personality. He regularly works out to off-set the low gravity on Pandora so he doesn't get "soft". He is an outstanding soldier and has been known to forgo the Exopack when entering combat in the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora for short periods when he feels the situation demands it. An expert with his AMP suit, he is still familiar with combat techniques as demonstrated by his marksmanship and his hand-to-hand combat skills.

  • His final battle with Jake symbolizes the entire conflict; both are fighting with artificial bodies that are different in construction. Quaritch's AMP Suit represents the technologically advanced humans, while Jake's Avatar represents the organic and natural Na'vi.
  • However, as Quaritch himself alludes to, Quaritch's suit and Jake's Avatar are both the products of human, industrial science. This supports Quaritch's view that Jake is a traitor who is only fooling himself ("You think you're one of them?") when he chooses to side with the aliens, though we as an audience are inclined to sympathise with Jake.
  • More symbolically, an underlying discourse of the movie is one of industrialization vs nature, but the theme is literally embodied when the Pandoran wildlife attacks the RDA troops in response to their incursion. This is consistent with the film's environmental, anti-industrial overtones.
  • There are some foreshadowing lines on the film, for example:
    • Quaritch at his safety brief: "'We have an indigenous population of humanoids, called the Na'vi, they are fond' of arrows dipped into a neurotoxin that will stop your heart in one minute" - He in fact dies at the end through two of those arrows fired from Neytiri.

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