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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fabulous Fan Fictions

So I'm a huge fan of Fan Fiction. Especially when they're written WELL. I never have the proper time and dedication to actually write down any of my stories. Wish I did, but for now I'll just have to dream at night and appreciate others' works by day.

For kicks I wanted to post a list of links to some of my favorite stories and authors.

"Pandora's Hope"
Jake finally awakens from his paralyzed slumber to a fulfillment he never expected or felt deserving of. Fleeing into the stars, the Sky People leave for their ruined home. Behind, some choose to remain, mending bridges that were burned so terribly. (Good epilogue - answers a few interesting questions, like, how long do you think Jake Sully will live as an Avatar?)

"Shadow of a Giant"
Generations of Omaticaya live and die under the leadership of their Olo'eytkan, guided by the wisdom of the former dreamwalkers, merging together to become something greater than either. Series of one-shots following the movie and my earlier Avatar fic.

"Terra's Tears"
Years have passed since the exile of the Sky People. Communication with Earth has been lost and all dare to hope that mankind has abandoned any attempt at reconquest. The appearance of a heavily armed warship in orbit changes everything.

(the author of the three above stories is pretty good and makes good suppositions for the future of the characters and Pandora.  Very well written. I teared up a couple of times)

"Between Worlds"
Jake, Neytiri, and Norm's lives as they move on after the Great War. But Humans aren't gone from Pandora forever, and when they return, they'll have a secret weapon that could change everything.
(I like this one. It's got some really interesting plot twists and details into everyday Na'vi life that will make you smile. Also has some great scenes between Jake and Neytiri.)

"I See You"
I am a paralyzed marine, and yet I am Toruk Makto. Only she knows who I am now. JxN POST MOVIE. Character exploration.
(I like this because the first chapter has some really interesting interactions between characters - how Neytiri finds out about Jake's real legs - how she interacts with his human self....etc. It covers the gap between when Neytiri saves Jake from Quaritch and the end of the movie.) COMPLETE (Beautifully written. WONDERFUL Epilogue. I love it love it love it)

Post Avatar. Jake Sully has a new life with the Omaticaya, and his life mate Neytiri. Humans have left. But he knows they will come back, and he'll be ready when they do. (This is also a fun story. I'm really enjoying it. Has some great character interactions and details of Na'vi life. Lovely)

I am Olo'eytkan to my people. I am skxawng and Jake to Neytiri. And I’m starting to suspect I will soon be sempul to someone I’ve only ever met in my dreams - Father. Neytiri/Jake; One shot.

 "Hold Me Until Dawn"
short vingette portraying a romantic moment between Jake and Neytiri the night before they go to war.

"A Pale Blue Light"
Another story covering the gap between the battle with Quaritch and the end of the movie. Pretty decent so far.

"Spirits of the Sky" by Steven M. Booth
A well written and inventive continuation of Jake and Neytiri's story. The RDA is gone from Pandora, but when a sickness begins killing Na'vi, our intrepid couple have another life-threatening adventure ahead of them. (I'm on the edge of my seat!!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your fave Fanfics
    You have to read "Between Worlds" from Xenobia. I think it's the best Avatar Fic atm. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5681641/1/Between_worlds) It's rated M an there is a lot of love an sex... but who doesn't like that? ;-)
    There's also a not (yet) finished sequel, called Tiger's Hunt (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6087648/1/Tigers_Hunt)